😀 Fun Commands

The Hilarious Commands!

•!joke - Gives A Funny Joke
•!cnjoke - Gives A Chuck Norris Joke
•!rage - A GIF Of Ninja Raging
•!idiot - A Funny Gif Of Ramsay Shouting
•!comics - Read Some Comic Strips!
•!8ball - Predict Your Fate With This Command
•!minesweeper - A Casual And Fun Minesweeper Game!
•!movie recommendation - A Random Good Movie Recommendation
•!coinflip - Heads Or Tails. Luck Decides.
•!game suggestion - The Finest Game Recommendations
•!connect 4 - Play A Game Of Connect 4!
•!snake - Play A Game Of Snake On Discord!
•!kkjoke - A Classic Knock Knock Joke
•!dice - A Dice roll
•!dev pun - A Developer Pun!
•!quiz - A Quiz Command!

🔨 Moderation Commands

Manage Your Server With Ease!

•!ban - Bans The Member Provided
•!kick - Kicks The Member Provided
•!snipe - Snipes A Deleted Message
•!purge - Deletes The Number Of Messages Given

🔎 Reddit Commands

Browse Reddit From A Discord Bot!

•!hamster - Sends A Random Photo Of A Hamster
•!dog - Sends A Random Photo Of A Dog
•!cat - Sends A Random Photo Of A Cat
•!hedgehog - Sends A Random Photo Of A Hedgehog
•!marvel - Sends A Random Fanart Of Marvel

😂 Meme Commands

Hilarious Memes!

•!meme - Sends A Funny Meme
•!gaming meme - Sends A Gaming Meme
•!sports meme - Sends A Sports Meme

📷 GIFS And Images

Funny GIFS And Images!

•!roblox - Sends A Funny Roblox Meme
•!pikachu - Pikachu, what do you expect?
•!ramsay - Ramsay Yelling!!
•!microsoft - Funny Microsoft Meme
•!epic gamer - How An Epic Gamer Looks Like
•!tiktok - Imagine Using TikTok 2020
•!airpods - Funny Airpods Meme
•!indian parent - How An Indian Parent Behaves

🍔 Food Commands

Tasty Food That Will Make You Drool

•!burger - Sends A Random Burger Pic
•!pizza - Sends A Random Pizza Pic
•!noodles - Sends A Random Noodles Pic
•!sushi - Sends A Random Sushi Pic
•!cookie - Sends A Random Cookie Pic
•!tacos - Sends A Random Taco Pic
•!icecream - Sends A Random Ice Cream Pic
•!sandwich - Sends A Random Sandwich Pic

📚 Random Facts And Info

Fun Facts And Info To Educate Yourself!

•!space fact - Sends A Random Space Fact
•!computer fact - Sends A Random Computer Fact
•!cat fact - Sends A Random Cat Fact
•!dog fact - Sends A Random Dog Pic
•!covid fact - Sends A Random Covid Fact
•!emoji fact - Sends A Random Emoji Fact
•!food fact - Sends A Random Food Fact
•!covid all - Sends Global Covid Stats
•!covid - Sends The Country's Covid Stats