TacoMod Data Policy

By using TacoMod Bot, you agree to the following terms:
# Information We Collect Automatically By using TacoMod, data is automatically collected, such as:
- User IDs
- Message IDs
- Guild IDs

# Data Sharing
No user data will ever be shared with any user, all data is stored in a private database which no one can access.

# Data Deletion Request
Your data will not be deleted without a request. If you wish to have your data deleted from our databases you must contact me for data removal at TacoMod Support Server. Take Note this action is irreversible.

TacoMod Rules

By Using TacoMod You Must Follow These Rules

1.Our Bot Is Not To Be Used For Racism Whatsoever

2. Our Bot Is Not To Be Used To Abuse People.

3. Our Bot Is Not To Be Used For NSFW At All.

4. No Cheating Or Macro System Allowed!

Breaking Of These Rules Will Result In A Blacklist!